Posted in March 2012

Digital Signage Works

Digital Signage. By definition this term means something as variable as putting information on a screen. This is accomplished through means such as inserting a flash card into a modern computer, attaching a computer and running a slideshow, or a full blown system that is managed through third party software and may even integrate with … Continue reading

Women – All or Nothing

Ladies’ night at the local bar includes free drinks for the ladies. What’s the intention? Where the women go, the men will follow – and the men will pay. Ladies’ Day at the car wash where all women receive $2 off their extreme wash. The next day is Men’s Day. Does anyone see these efforts … Continue reading

ROI is for Losers!

ROI is for Losers Now that I have your attention, let’s down play this a little. ROI isn’t ALWAYS important! Are you so focused on ROI that you fail to see the “good will” benefits of your actions? Not everything in life and dealerships is based on the return. I believe faith will provide many … Continue reading