Posted in June 2012

FB: The New Ad Network

This could be scary — or it could be a new amazing new advertising platform. Facebook is working with Zynga to place ads on Zynga’s new web-gaming platform. The advertisements are based on your Facebook history, not cookies or searching history — but a cross section of everything you do on the web and Facebook. … Continue reading

Leader or Follower?

Are you competing on an even turf with your surrounding businesses? Or are you leading the pack and making others follow you? Are you a leader and an innovator, not afraid to fail? Or do you wait until everyone else has “it” and then follow when “it” becomes standard? I find it best to take … Continue reading

Lessons from Microsoft: FAIL!

Microsoft Still Doesn’t Get “It” Coming off of WWDC (LINK) – the Apple developers’ convention – as well as recent news about updated Chromebooks and Chrome Only “desktops” (LINK)– I find it hard to notice that the spotlight on Apple and Google put the low-light on Microsoft at a time when it should be using … Continue reading

Zuck Gets Fancy

Zuck gets Fancy – PIN THIS! When Zuckerberg acts, rumors and a mass of people follow. Recently Zuckerberg “liked” a post on Facebook and the comment went from less then 20 to 20,000 in a matter of minutes. It was a random comment, but the point is that people follow Mark. So, when Mark recently … Continue reading

facebook Can’t Hear You

How many “likes” do you have? Are you bragging about it? What does a “like” mean? While all these optimization companies and consultants talk about likes and the power of facebook, a “like” merely means that someone saw your page or your ad and hit, “like” . That’s IT. What does a “like” NOT mean? … Continue reading