ROI is for Losers!

ROI is for Losers

Now that I have your attention, let’s down play this a little. ROI isn’t ALWAYS important!

Are you so focused on ROI that you fail to see the “good will” benefits of your actions?

Not everything in life and dealerships is based on the return. I believe faith will provide many examples of the greater returns that come when you aren’t asking for them.

Is it practical to do things in your business and life without expecting a tangible return on your investment? Your investment may be time, money or just a smile. Are you expecting something back in your pocket for every single time you give?

There is a theory of good will that is sweeping the nation – maybe due to the Liberty Mutual Ad here. It’s more impactful with the music, so turn up your speakers.

So how are you translating this to the finer points in your dealership?

Your coffee service? Is the coffee hot and fresh with all the fixins?

Your magazines, brochures, etc.? Are they in order and up to date?

Have you smiled and said hello without any ulterior motive?

Is your dealership clean and tidy?

Does the kids play area offer hand sanitizer?

Do signs in the dealership current?

When was the last time you thanked an employee? (after a sale not included)

When someone speaks to you, is your first thought, “What’s my return?”

Such limiting thoughts can be MORE COSTLY to your business going forward then understanding the true mission and needs.

Not everything you do throughout the day needs to return an ROI. When it comes to people and communication, there is no tangible dollar amount that is returned. There may be a cost, even a financial one – but if you are so blinded by the ROI – you may just miss an opportunity that will pay true dividends in the long run.

Todd Katcher
Digital Dealership System


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