Posted in July 2012

10 Things Customers Must Do!

The customer / vendor relationship is an important one. Customers rely on vendors for different aspects of their business that affect their bottom line, in one way of another. Vendors rely on customers for income — and a bad experience can lead to a drop off in current and future business. In this article, I … Continue reading

Who’s Fault is It?

Customer: “We’d like to cancel our agreement because your stuff doesn’t work! It doesn’t do half of the stuff that we need and we don’t get any support from you.” Vendor: “I’m sorry to hear this from you. I understand all the things that you are trying to do, and we do all that and … Continue reading

What can you learn from Microsoft and Google?

Two weeks ago, Microsoft gave the middle finger to their partners – not once, but twice. What can you say — they used both hands. Meanwhile, Google did the exact opposite, embracing their partners and letting them feel comfortable with the future working with the company. I guess Google’s motto of “Don’t be evil” is … Continue reading