10 Things Customers Must Do!

The customer / vendor relationship is an important one. Customers rely on vendors for different aspects of their business that affect their bottom line, in one way of another. Vendors rely on customers for income — and a bad experience can lead to a drop off in current and future business. In this article, I … Continue reading

Who’s Fault is It?

Customer: “We’d like to cancel our agreement because your stuff doesn’t work! It doesn’t do half of the stuff that we need and we don’t get any support from you.” Vendor: “I’m sorry to hear this from you. I understand all the things that you are trying to do, and we do all that and … Continue reading

What can you learn from Microsoft and Google?

Two weeks ago, Microsoft gave the middle finger to their partners – not once, but twice. What can you say — they used both hands. Meanwhile, Google did the exact opposite, embracing their partners and letting them feel comfortable with the future working with the company. I guess Google’s motto of “Don’t be evil” is … Continue reading

FB: The New Ad Network

This could be scary — or it could be a new amazing new advertising platform. Facebook is working with Zynga to place ads on Zynga’s new web-gaming platform. The advertisements are based on your Facebook history, not cookies or searching history — but a cross section of everything you do on the web and Facebook. … Continue reading

Leader or Follower?

Are you competing on an even turf with your surrounding businesses? Or are you leading the pack and making others follow you? Are you a leader and an innovator, not afraid to fail? Or do you wait until everyone else has “it” and then follow when “it” becomes standard? I find it best to take … Continue reading

Lessons from Microsoft: FAIL!

Microsoft Still Doesn’t Get “It” Coming off of WWDC (LINK) – the Apple developers’ convention – as well as recent news about updated Chromebooks and Chrome Only “desktops” (LINK)– I find it hard to notice that the spotlight on Apple and Google put the low-light on Microsoft at a time when it should be using … Continue reading

Zuck Gets Fancy

Zuck gets Fancy – PIN THIS! When Zuckerberg acts, rumors and a mass of people follow. Recently Zuckerberg “liked” a post on Facebook and the comment went from less then 20 to 20,000 in a matter of minutes. It was a random comment, but the point is that people follow Mark. So, when Mark recently … Continue reading

facebook Can’t Hear You

How many “likes” do you have? Are you bragging about it? What does a “like” mean? While all these optimization companies and consultants talk about likes and the power of facebook, a “like” merely means that someone saw your page or your ad and hit, “like” . That’s IT. What does a “like” NOT mean? … Continue reading

New Feature Announcement: Custom Scenes

WEST PALM BEACH, FL. The Digital Dealership System, a provider of custom digital signage for the automotive industry, releases a feature update that allows dealerships to create, edit and update individual resources easier then ever. Prior to this update, if the dealership wanted to update their screen with a sales or service special, they needed … Continue reading

GM – Super-less Bowl

GM – Super-less-Bowl GM is at it again. A week after cutting the $12M budget for Facebook, they announce that they will not be advertising in the next Super Bowl. (LINK) Confusion continues to the goal of marketing and branding efforts. Although this sounds like moves made by the newly hired advertising agency to test … Continue reading