“Oops, forgot about K.I.S.S.” says Android

A recent report states that are close to 4000 different hardware devices using the Android operating system. (link) Another report says that Android now has 59% of the mobile market. (link) Android, which started from a company that Google purchased many years ago, has become an operating system similar to Windows in it’s diversity, it’s … Continue reading

GM is being Naive

GM recently pulled its $12M advertising campaign from Facebook because it was not effective. LINK My question — effective at what? Let’s give the multi-billion dollar company (GM, not Facebook) the benefit of the doubt and say that they may be pulling back the reigns in order to reassess the situation and goals of their … Continue reading

7 Tech Decisions that Make you say HMMM

7 Tech Decisions that Make you say HMMM. When you read a lot you come across a wide range of articles and information that raises an eyebrow and makes you say “hmmmmm”. Queue the music video This is a short list of 7 Decisions made by Technology companies that make me say “Hmmmm.” There will … Continue reading

Inputs and Resolutions

With so many options to connect your media source to your television, it can be challenging to determine the right choice and filter the clutter and sales pitches that may be thrown your way. In this entry we will address inputs and resolutions because no matter what we have heard or how hard we try, … Continue reading

XTIME Integration a Huge Success

A discussion at NADA led the Digital Dealership System to consider an opportunity in custom digital signage that was originally not considered – XTIME Signage. XTIME (as with Time Highway) offers the service department a way for customers to visually see who is working on their car, how long it has been in service and … Continue reading

You Won’t get it All

Have you ever tried to fill a glass of water while the spicket is on full blast?Have you ever tried to max our our Super Big Gulp with soda? What happens? Although the glass looks full, once the bubbles settle, you are really left with a lot less then expected. How does this relate to … Continue reading

Tiger vs. Phil – Which are you?

Life is full of ups and downs — frustrations and anxiety — and the car dealership business, as well as our personal lives are no different. This past week we found an example of two brilliant extremes of how to handle one’s business and how it reflects life. Tiger Woods – for some reason still … Continue reading