Zuck Gets Fancy

Zuck gets Fancy – PIN THIS!

When Zuckerberg acts, rumors and a mass of people follow.

Recently Zuckerberg “liked” a post on Facebook and the comment went from less then 20 to 20,000 in a matter of minutes. It was a random comment, but the point is that people follow Mark.

the fancySo, when Mark recently joined Fancy (thefancy.com), people started asking – what’s so Fancy? (LINK)

For all those Pinterest lovers, you may want to pay attention.

Since you only have so much time to waste in your day, may I submit Fancy.com. Not only a very valuable web address, but also a business with a business model that makes sense.

pinterestUnlike Pinterest which counts “PINS” the same way that Facebook counts “LIKES” – Fancy.com provides the extra motivation to see what your friend bought, would like to buy or where to buy it yourself. So now instead of just “PINNING” or “LIKING” you can actually follow through with a purchase.

The time factor here is crucial. People only have so much time to “not” do what they are supposed to be doing, like making money, working or volunteering for the less fortunate. This is the reason whey Google+ isn’t getting as much traction. People are already wasting their time elsewhere.

This may be Fancy.com’s Achilles heal, but it’s business model creates a value add that gives it a fighting chance. “Pinning” is one thing. It says what you “like” in pictures. But what is lacks is a way to monetize what you really like. If you like it enough — buy it — and here are the places to do so. From clothes to vacations to jewelry (most common pin) to makeup (second most common) — fancy.com allows you to research and buy actual items from the images.

Imagine what that can do for your business.

What good is a “top pinner” award without dollars?

What if you could have “pinners” turn to buyers? What an amazing way to use not only your business time, but also the time of your customers.

Now you have something to brag about — how many ___________ did you sell from Fancy.com last month.

Here’s another little stat that may get you to move over to Fancy – more men are using the website then on Pinterest and while the average Pinster has 4 pins, the fancier has 58. More people are interacting with Fancy then Pinterest. Here’s a little more comparison I found LINK

You will benefit by moving your time and energy to business models that create returns. There are only so many hours in a day — so many minutes that can be used for social media and other avenues — why not spend the time and money where you have the best chance to make a difference in your bottom line.

An some motivational music for you to GET FANCY!

Todd Katcher
Digital Dealership System

c: 615.669.5244
twitter: @digitaldealers
web: www.digitaldealershipsystem.com
blog: www.fouronthefloorblog.com

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