New Feature Announcement: Custom Scenes

WEST PALM BEACH, FL. The Digital Dealership System, a provider of custom digital signage for the automotive industry, releases a feature update that allows dealerships to create, edit and update individual resources easier then ever. Prior to this update, if the dealership wanted to update their screen with a sales or service special, they needed to add a new image and replace the old. This process added some extra clicks that can now be eliminated.

Within the Digital Dealership System software, SignStudio, Dealerships can now utilize the “Scene Editor” to create content that can be changed dynamically in the system. These updates include the ability to change graphics, text, fonts, animations and much more. The individual “Scenes” are made within the SignStudio software, so there is no need to learn new graphic design software and import information.

Scenes can pull in dynamic web-based content, have animations and integrate with any other resource already in SignStudio. Such options as over 50 different fonts, gradient fills, animated and flex text and much more make each system unique and the options limitless.

Once a scene is created, it can be duplicated and edited for different specials and announcements at the same time. Creating a simple template saves the dealership staff time and allows for consistency across the sign solution.

As part of the setup for Digital Dealership System customers, basic Scene Templates are already in the account that can easily be edited by the staff.

scene editor scene editor
Creating A New Scene Adding Text
scene editor scene editor
Adding Effects Inserting Scene into Timeline

To support this new feature, several tutorials have been added and several more are being built.

The Digital Dealership System offers customized Digital Signage solutions for the Automotive Industry. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL and founded in 2008, Digital Dealership System, INC offers a digital internal marketing solution for dealerships. Contact:

twitter: @digitaldealers



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