You Won’t get it All

Have you ever tried to fill a glass of water while the spicket is on full blast?
Have you ever tried to max our our Super Big Gulp with soda?

What happens?

Although the glass looks full, once the bubbles settle, you are really left with a lot less then expected.

How does this relate to your business?
It relates as much to business as it does your personal life!

As we continue to seek to fill the cup of life, we are constantly knocked back down. Or so it seems. Being knocked down is often more of a reality check then truly out for the count.

Some proverb says:
It’s not how many times you are knocked down that matters, it’s how many you get up.

Another says:
If you keep doing the same things and expecting different results, you are insane.

If we continue to rush through life pushing the envelope (filling the glass too quick) then we will continue to get knocked down. And if we get up… and do the same again, expecting different results, then we can blame no one but ourselves.

Have you ever gulped down wine instead of sipping it slowly?
Have you engulfed and expensive meal instead of savor it?

When you slow down, you are more at ease not only with your surroundings, but also within yourself. That aura reflects off of you, onto others and the results will be exponential to rushing and pushing your goals to the max.

Business and life is full of balance. Too slow and you will lose the benefits of your work. Too fast and you will continually be knocked down. Finding the right water pressure — when to turn it up, when to turn it down — will be key to longevity and success for years to come.

Todd Katcher
Digital Dealership System

c: 615.669.5244
twitter: @digitaldealers


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