Release of New Software Brings Business to a New Level

The Digital Dealership System was founded on the premise of Concierge Signage. This concept sells customers on the idea that they have too many things on their plate to worry about updating their digital sign platform, learn new software, and memorize another login. And this still holds true today.

While the company has grown, our customers have continually asked us about their own ability to update the systems when they want to. As a company we have struggled with the balance of concierge vs. self-managed and the technology hurdles with making a system easy to learn and use.

And now we have a solution!

When a dealership signs up for our services their account representative will be their one and only contact. The system will be customized to meet the look and feel of the location and message they are looking for. We offer a variety of profile examples in our gallery online.

Each system will be created with the dealership logos, still images, videos, and rotating news feeds — and even integrated Live or Web TV. Dealership colors, backgrounds, weather and much more will be coordinated and tested BEFORE the system is shipped.

Unlike our competitors that send you a system and you will need a couple of days to install and setup using templated designs — WE DON’T USE TEMPLATES and when you get your system, all you do is plug it in the HDMI, connect the Internet, and turn it on. BOOM! It’s ready, loaded with content and running.

The new SignStudio software provides dealerships the ability to update content and RSS feeds at their leisure either online or through desktop software. The system can even be setup with multiple users and can be accessed simultaneously. And it’s a simple Windows-Style Interface with video and written tutorials to help you along the way.

signstudio signstudio

Our offices aren’t shutting the door on you!

We are expanding. Emails sent to our support team,, will go to every staff member in order to expedite your query. We are adding chat support as well in the next few weeks. And for those customers still interested in the Concierge Service for complete updates, we will handle that for them ad no additional cost.

The Digital Dealership System is a complete signage solution. Visit our website for a comprehensive list of offerings including live signs of our product, features and images / videos of installs.

Todd Katcher

Digital Dealership System

c: 615.669.5244

twitter: @digitaldealers




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