Burn the Paper!

What was your percentage of your marketing dollar spent on Newspaper advertising 10 years ago? How has that changed today?

Do you still print paper and vinyl signs in your dealership that never change?

While your marketing budget for bringing people inside the dealership had probably changed dramatically over the last 10 years, most dealerships are still using the same pop-up banners and standard paper taped to the wall to notify customers of pricing, your competitive advantage and marketing messages. In most situations, you visited a seminar or convention – got an idea and made a sign — and haven’t changed it since.

Digital Marketing utilizing the internet changes quickly, sometimes daily, allowing your content to be fresh and allowing your message to have value. If your message was the same day in and day out, why would someone click or visit your website or click on your marketing message.

Why don’t you bring this technology into the dealership?

Does your service area price list still look the same as 10 years ago? Maybe it’s a printout on a poster or those sliding pricing boards. Is this the only information that you have to communicate to your customers? Maybe not – so you add some more signage by printing off more paper. Maybe you even got creative and printed it on color paper!

Really? Is color paper the best reflection of your business.

Internal digital signage will not only enhance the dealership, but will also allow you to change the message as needed, provide additional information and incentives, and educate your customers. And if nothing else, it’s more professional then printing on colored paper.

There are many forms of internal signage. Some examples range from a simple slide show to full blown digital signage solution that is installed throughout your dealership providing generic content such as news and weather – as well as pricing, new car information, service and finance specials, incentives and even integrating with your television broadcast.

The digital sign solution that is best for you will depend on your technology expertise, budget and the amount of time you want to spend updating the system. If the latter answer is “NONE”, then you need to look for a third party solution.

Whatever solution you choose, realize that while you have seen a value in digitizing your impression outside of your dealership, it is as important to spend some budget modernizing your marketing inside the dealership. Modernizing the inside of your dealership with digital signage is both cost effective and provides a closed-loop impact on your other marketing efforts.

Todd Katcher
Digital Dealership System


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